Concert Venues


The new home for U of T Jazz is at 90 Wellesley St. W, on the north side of Wellesley, just east of Queen’s Park. Most classes and rehearsals will take place at 90W, and many concerts will take place in the Jazz Studio, at the north end of the first floor. Students need an electronic fob to gain access to 90W. Someone will be on the door for public events. The Museum subway stop is the closest.

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Throughout the year small and large jazz ensembles perform at the REX Jazz Bar, Toronto’s preeminent jazz club.
The REX is located on the north side of Queen Street, two blocks west of the Osgoode subway station at University Ave. (Exit the subway via the northwest stairs)

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Some concerts take place at the Faculty of Music in the Edward Johnson Building. The EJB is just behind the planetarium on University Ave, south of Bloor Street. The MUSEUM subway stop lets you off right in front of the planetarium, steps from the EJB. (Exit via the stairs on the west side.)

Walter Hall is accessed from the basement level of the EJB.
MacMillan Theatre is accessed from the main lobby.

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Twice each term, the jazz orchestras perform in the Arbor Room in the basement of Hart House, on the U of T campus. The closest Subway Stop is Museum. Walk south from the Museum stop on the west side of Unversity Ave, cross Hoskin Ave and continue south on Queen’s Park Circle about 30m. Take the pathway leading to the right into the campus. Go down the steps and you are right in front of Hart House. The accessible entrance is located on the west side of the building south of Hoskin Ave.

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